In an effort to advance and support the wider use of PHE approaches, the BALANCED project is building the capacity of institutions, PHE practitioners, leaders and community members in East Africa and Asia to plan, implement and carry out demand-driven integrated conservation and health programs. Training activities  include workshops on:

  • PHE community-based distribution
  • Developing integrated PHE information, education, and communication (IEC) materials
  • PHE Program Design
  • Supportive Supervision

Post-learning support is provided in a variety of ways. Depending on trainees’ needs and their post-training action plans, BALANCED staff provides e-mail support, resources such as links to materials on youth, hands-on mentoring and refresher training during field visits. BALANCED promotes South-to-South exchanges as well, which allow practitioners and decision-makers the opportunity to observe first-hand how successful PHE interventions are implemented at the community and government level to further strengthen their learning and support for PHE activities. In February 2010, BALANCED hosted just such an exchange where it brought individuals from six developing countries in Africa and Asia to visit the gold standard PHE sites in the Philippines.