Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Community-based Distribution and Peer Education System: Train-the-Trainer Guide for Training PHE Community-based Distributors and PHE Adult Peer Educators Working on Integrated PHE Activities

The manual was developed by BALANCED Project staff and conservation and rural development organizations in training individuals to integrate community-based family planning and health into PHE projects through the use of community-based distribution and peer education approaches. Field-tested in Tanzania, Zambia and Ethiopia, the guide uses a unique training approach where training participants “learn-by-doing”, such as leading certain segments of the training themselves. The curriculum includes basic topics that PHE community-based distributors (CBDs) and PHE Adult Peer Educators (PEs) need to know in order to discuss basic ecology, PHE linkages, and reproductive health/family planning with community members within a PHE context. The modules include the latest in international family planning norms and guidance on sexually-transmitted infections/diseases including HIV as recommended by the World Health Organization. We encourage colleagues to use this Train-the-Trainer curriculum for: 1) training-of-trainers events where facilitators learn how to train PHE (CBDs) and PHE Adult (PEs) on community-based education and distribution of family planning methods within the context of an integrated PHE intervention; and 2) workshops where local trained facilitators train PHE CBDs and PHE Adult PEs who work on integrated PHE activities. We welcome feedback from those of you who use it in your PHE work.