Emerging Opportunities for PHE in Tanzania: USAID Tanzania Supports Pwani Integrated Coastal Management and Human Well-Being Project


The Coastal Resources Center (CRC) at the University of Rhode Island (URI) is pleased to announce its recent award from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Tanzania for continued support for integrated coastal management and development along the Tanzanian mainland coast and Zanzibar’s western shores. Building on the experience and investments of URI CRC and project partners over the past five years, the Pwani Project: Conservation of Coastal Ecosystems in Tanzania aims to sustain the flows of environmental goods and services, improve critical coastal habitats, and improve the well-being of coastal residents in these threatened seascapes.

Pwani means coast in Swahili, which depicts the project’s target area. Pwani project partners include the Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership (TCMP), UZIKWASA, a local NGO focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention and livelihood development, the Government of Tanzania, and other partners.

This ecosystem-based management initiative targets an area stretching from Bagamoyo to Pangani town, focusing on the Saadani National Park (SANAPA) and the Wami River estuary. An additional area of focus is the Menai Bay Conservation Area on Zanzibar.

One aspect of the project will help promote integrated health and conservation objectives, designed to improve community health and well-being. In collaboration with the USAID-funded BALANCED project, the Pwani project will respond to community needs for improved health services and information through intersectoral HIV/AIDS action planning, community-based family planning distribution systems, informal training and education programs designed to raise awareness and change behaviors related to HIV/AIDS. The project will also address the links between population pressures and improved coastal resources management. The BALANCED project is currently working in SANAPA to integrated family planning into existing coastal resource efforts, and in collaboration with Pwani partners, will expand PHE efforts to Pwani focal areas.

For more information, please contact Elin Torell at elin@crc.uri.edu.