PHE Champions

The BALANCED Project promotes PHE knowledge and information, particularly success stories, coming out of the global PHE community of practice. Since the beginning of the project in 2008, we have worked with PHE colleagues in Africa and Asia to promote PHE approaches and the champions in the field who implement these approaches. We use various media, such as our semi-annual newsletter, champion stories, blogs, etc., to share these success stories with our PHE colleagues and interested development professionals worldwide.
Please click on the links below to learn more about these PHE champions and their accomplishments.


Abdalah Masingano:  The Success of a PHE Provider in Educating a Muslim Community.

Albert Lotana Lokasola:  Improving Human Health and Conservation in the Democractic Republic of Congo

Mrs. Ruth Siyage:  Promoting Family Planning and Livelihoods for a Healthy Environment in Uganda

Mr. Sam Rugaba:  Encouraging Childhood Education and Birth Spacing as Approach to Conservation in Uganda

Mrs. Rukia Seif:  Making Life Easier in Rural Tanzania

Mr. Pascal Gakwaya Kalisa:  Coffee Farmer and Extension Manager Promotes Improved Health and Livelihoods in Rawandan Coffee Communities

Mrs. Jeanne Nyirakamana:  Reaching Rural Rwandans with Integrated Health and Livelihood Messages


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