Glacier Melt

The BALANCED Project received almost $300,000 as a Buy-In from the Asia Bureau to address recommendations from the report “Changing Glaciers and Hydrology in Asia:  Addressing Vulnerabilities to Glacier Melt Impacts.

The first activity under the Buy-in was to develop a follow-on report that reviewed the research data and findings from the initial Changing Glaciers report; further identify those countries/areas with the highest risk for key vulnerabilities to health, livelihoods, the environment and security as a result of glacier melt; and offer recommendations for potential USAID cross-sectoral interventions and projects that could address the long term environmental threats and emerging trends in the Asia region. This latest report, entitled “Glacier Melt Vulnerabilities in Asia: Exploring USAID Programming Opportunities” will be finalized in early 2012. Meanwhile, it is serving as the springboard for a multi-day workshop (December 6-8, 2011) in the Asia Near East region that is bringing together key experts from USAID, other US government agencies, international organizations, and academe on water hydrology and glacier melt issues. While the dialogue is critical, the ultimate goal of the workshop is to explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration across USAID Missions and Bureaus to work in a more integrated, less sectoral way to address issues of climate change, glacier melt and other human and environmental health challenges in this important region.

The U.S. Senate had released a report "Avoiding Water Wars:  Water Scarcity and Central Asia's Growing Importance for Sustainability in Afghanistan and Pakistan".  This report examines U.S. policy with respect to water scarcity and water management in Central and South Asia where increases in demand triggered by the quickening pace of regional climate change must be addressed with an expedited focus on water security. 

The workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan Goals, Objectives and the Day 1 agenda are available here.

Day 1 presenter biographies are here.

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